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“Let’s discuss your cloud strategy over a coffee !!!”

With the introduction of modern technologies many businesses are shifting to cloud, but their cloud strategies are yet to be formulated. Moving to cloud requires a transformation in business processes with a perfect match of your technical and business objectives. TACT helps you in mapping out the technical requirements of your workload and application portfolio, including architecture, performance, security, cost, availability, and integration. We assist you in getting a panoramic view of your business needs, future initiatives, international footprints, and thereby developing successful business cases for cloud.

After formulating a cloud strategy for you we also build a roadmap to implement it!!!
TACT consultants make your cloud strategy operational by laying down a road map to get started. We figure out the best approaches for your business starting with a successful Proof of concept on a small process. Selecting the best suited cloud for your needs whether public, private or hybrid and thereafter filling the process gaps to transform your business for a cloud orientation.

This is how we make you cloud ready
  • Identify your expectations with cloud
    We understand your business to identify the key areas where cloud adoption could add value.
  • Understand your current view on cloud
    We enhance your understanding on cloud and develop progress benchmarks for you.
  • Plan your Journey with Cloud
    We optimize your cloud strategy while keeping in mind the future scenarios.
  • Overcome Common Cloud Challenges
    We make you aware of the common hurdles you could face with cloud and how to handle them.
  • Choose a Cloud Adoption Pattern
    We evaluate common enterprise cloud adoption patterns and chose which fits your business best.
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Our Strategy and Consulting Services Include:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Transformation Roadmap
  • Enterprise Collaboration Consulting
  • Cloud Enablement Trainings and Workshops