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Advanced Business Analytics Solution
Advanced Business Analytics Solution– Commercial Taxes Department, Uttar PradeshIntroduction A crucial limb of the government of Uttar Pradesh, the Commercial Taxes department is charged with maximizing the revenue collection for each term, thus helping the government in implementing social welfare schemes and programs. The department is also tasked with the levying and collection of VAT,..
Tourism Mobile Application
Mobile Application, Department of Tourism, Uttar PradeshIntroduction The primary objective of the Uttar Pradesh State Tourist Development Corporation was to increase the inflow of tourists in the state by providing them with ample information about places of interest, and easy access to related facilities, such as hotels, mediums of transport, accommodation, food, and so on...
State News Portal, UPNews 360
State News Portal, UPNews 360, Dept. of Information and Public Relation, Uttar Pradesh Introduction Information and Public Relation department was looking for a platform where they could gather news from every City, District and Department of Uttar Pradesh and make it available to the citizens. Thus a news portal was necessary to bridge the gap..