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Simplify storage and data management while enabling business growth and innovation

As business technology continues to evolve, the volume of information available to businesses continues to grow exponentially. Across all industries, more information needs to be stored, managed, and used by the business to drive future decisions. In such scenarios Storage and Data management is a thorn for most IT decision-makers. As the amounts of digital information a business creates and consumes increase exponentially year-on-year, there also starts a cycle of constant technology upgrades and growing storage expenditure.

It isn’t necessary that an additional storage capacity would resolve all such problems. Different types of organizational data are subject to different regulatory and availability requirements. No single off-the-shelf approach exists to satisfy all organizational needs. Similarly, backup and disaster recovery (DR) is more of a strategic approach which differs as per the different data.

Data & Storage Management for an organizational data makes sense only when the data is accessed throughout its lifecycle from creation to movement, storage, archiving and retrieval. And thereby worked upon with an effective Data Management to reduce cost, complexity and risk.

Our Data & Storage Management services include:

  • Database as a Service
  • NoSQL Database as a Service
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage
Data Storage & Managment