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Strategy building and consulting

Every business needs impeccable digital marketing for success. Even with a strong familiarity with Google and Facebook, there are countless moving parts to learn before you can use the platforms to their full potential.

Social media strategy defines how an individual or company will use social media to achieve its business goals, including the supporting platforms and tools it will use to achieve this. Social media consulting implies to planning and organising your content in a manner to bring your brand or organisation on the forefront of social media. Thus, building suitable plans.


Social Media Presence Management

To give your brand have a noteworthy presence on social media platforms, in an ever-changing digital landscape, you need to channelize your presence effectively.

The real key is crafting a social media presence that strikes a balance between your audience’s needs and your brand’s unique business goals. Your presence management should be such that it serves the purpose —from helping curate content ideas to building brand awareness to engaging with influencers.


Social Listening

Brands are increasingly in the spotlight on social media and it is important for businesses to be able to track conversations & mentions about their brands. Marketers often need to rapidly analyse social media conversations involve their brand for timely response or address to a crisis.

At TACT, we do social media tracking with the help of latest technology by faring out people who are talking about a brand most often within a specified time period. With this information, marketers can reach out to their most active fans as potential social media influencers.


Social Media Applications

Not only are new social media platforms sprouting up around us, but the blue chip social media names– Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.—are evolving right before our eyes. Along with other reasons, their presence on mobile platforms has played a prominent role on their rise in the social media market.

Thus, in current times, every business or brand need to be available on various mobile platforms to expand their outreach. With the use of smart phones by leaps and bounds, it has become a crucial demand for a brand to be available in the form of a mobile application.