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We are always ready for any disaster with continues recovery

Your applications are what drive your business and the availability of backup data in a hydrated state, ready for mounting and restore, and ultimately what makes your recovery successful. TACT disaster recovery and back-up services provides the best technology solutions available for managing your data, standing up your applications, and hydrating your data. With this service, we can promise our clients an up-to the minute ready cold standby virtual server, waiting to be put into production, should the need arise. And when the time comes, it’s as simple as disconnecting one server from production and connecting another automatically.

This is how we do it

The on-demand and off-premise nature of cloud computing makes it ideal for disaster recovery (DR) and online data backup. Using a combination of cloud-based storage and compute services, TACT allows customers to safely protect and immediately restore access to digital information and systems on a 24x7x365 basis.

Our Disaster Recovery and Back up services include:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Setup & Management
  • Data Replication
  • Application Recovery
Disaster Recovery