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Project Progress Monitoring System, UP Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA)


Construction of building, roads and expressways by government development authorities are an ongoing process and to develop such big structure multiple private construction agencies are contracted hence it becomes a challenge to monitor the work progress of such a vast project and get updates from remote location. To provide near real time update to main stake holder about current progress of the development, Project Monitoring and Performance Tracking solution has been developed.


Uttar Pradesh Expressway and Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA) is developing several expressway laid across the state which are being constructed by many contractors. To monitor the progress of the work 3rd party Authority Engineers have been deployed who after collecting data in physical format creates report and sends it over to the department on timely basis. This process could cause discrepancy in judging the actual status of the work progress and hence accurate tracking of the progress by the senior stake holders consisting of CEO of the development department and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh becomes a difficult task.


To solve the challenges faced by UPEIDA in managing and recording progress on construction projects, the Project Management Solution has been developed which will help them to record, monitor and generate reports while at the same time minimizing the challenges faced to keep track of the work progress with less or no discrepancy in the provided data even for projects like Lucknow Agra Expressway. This Project Monitoring mobile application gives a holistic view of the overall and unit wise work progress. The solution also contains a backend progress reporting web portal to assist the department in providing latest progress. The survey application developed in addition to the web portal will help provide validation images along with location tag on it, for the department to verify the authenticity of the progress reported. The complete solution is backed by Microsoft Azure Cloud platform to ensure its high availability and seamless data transfer.


  • Collect road geo-data
  • Capture photos of physical work progress
  • Offline Functionality
  • Seamless Integration with MIS
  • Work-wise/ Project wise surveyor allocation
  • Dashboard with snapshot of overall progress
  • Web interface for data management
  • User Management
  • Survey Reports
  • MIS and Analytical reports
  • User friendly, Secure Access to the application and MIS data
  • Field reporting is no longer an extra burden at the end of day’s work