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Mobile Application, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, Uttar Pradesh


Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) is a health insurance scheme launched by the Government of India to bridge the gap between quality health care services and the below poverty line (BPL) families with an aim to reduce operational expenditure on health and increase access to health care. The scheme was initially launched in early 2008. It has now been expanded to cover other categories of unorganized workers.
RSBY also runs an internship program for students interested to serve in the health sector. The minimum eligibility criteria to apply for the internship is intermediate.
The department intended to develop a mobile application to enrol the interns and provide them online training through videos and presentations. The application to monitor the performance of the interns was also required.


Since RSBY insurance scheme aims the vast population of the country, the data amounts in bulk. It aimed to target 4 billion beneficiaries and in order to cover every beneficiary and ensure their insurance cover, the RSBY had to store the data in a sorted and well-assembled manner. The manual sorting of the data will be time consuming and will involve a lot of paperwork. This implies to maintaining the data on a single server for easy access by the RSBY officials.
Another segment which became a challenge for RSBY was the training part. It required a system giving a common platform to all the interns under RSBY internship programme for proper training and monitoring.


To help RSBY combat with the problem of beneficiaries’ data storage, Trendsetterz created a Cloud Environment to host the application. The high-powered cloud environment involved using MS Azure for hosting of RSBY application, data management, backups, messaging etc. It saved a lot of time consuming manual work.
In a scenario of internship program and proper monitoring of the insurance scheme, we came up with Mobile App (available in offline mode too on android) which sorted the issues of enrolment of the interns, providing them training with an e-training module and gave them a medium to track the implementation of insurance cover given to each and every beneficiary. It helped the intern in reporting any non-compliance of the insurance and other facilities which RSBY covers.


  • Cloud hosting environment is best suited in a scenario of RSBY since it requires to store vast amount of details regarding beneficiary and interns.
  • By using MS Azure in our cloud computing, it saved the server from slowing down even if there is huge traffic on the website/app at a time and also include benefit of scalability.
  • The RSBY mobile application levered easy & time-saving enrolment of interns and subsequently tracking whether the interns are working on their assigned location.
  • Powered with cloud backend the application will be available to users across the globe with no delay in response time.
  • The RSBY mobile is integrated with an offline mode option so that the app can be used in remote areas even if internet isn’t available.
  • The analytics feature integrated in the application will help the RSBY in extraction of important insights related to the application usage and to enrich the content accordingly.
  • Monitoring module will facilitate monitoring of the interns and stakeholders which will helps RSBY in proper utilization of the manpower.