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Uttar Pradesh Investors’ Conclave


The Investors Conclave was an assembling of entities interested in investing Uttar Pradesh owing to the opportunities the state offers in terms of business, which is also turned towards development. Not only does Uttar Pradesh have a large consumer base (the fifth largest in the world, in fact), but it also consists of rapidly improving infrastructure, new avenues of technology and well-established industries.

Additionally, to increase investment and industry in the state, the government has loosened up numerous stringent policies, and announced various other measures to attract investors.

For this event, the team engaged not only in social media communication, but also a website aimed at showcasing the potential of Uttar Pradesh as a place of investment. Both had to incredibly planned, textured, and attractive.


The major challenge was to incorporate information into the website without making it too complex or difficult to navigate. The aim was to relay information to people without having them sift through tons of pages. Additionally, another challenge was to decide the number of categories that had to be showcased, which had to be effective yet innovative. Furthermore, the website had to be simple and minimalistic in design, yet attractive at the first glance. Thus, the incorporation of all these elements to create a single medley was an exercise in creativity.


The first order of working was to decide on the categories that the team would be incorporating into the website. Through careful planning, it was decided that apart from Introductions and briefing, there would be sections on Horticulture, IT, Infrastructure, Agro and Food Processing, Energy, Manufacturing, and Film Industry.

A ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Analytics’ section was also included, along with pictures and information in a slideshow format. The content—both visual and textual—was customized to be compatible with the design layout of the website. The website was made such that the used would never have to click on anything other than the category in which he or she was seeking information. Additionally, a social media sharing feature was also added to the same. Apart from this, the website also allowed people to download detailed brochures in the categories they were interested in.

As for the social media promotion, at least 8-10 creative posts (graphic and content) were created for each category and promoted through the social media handles of the government to create a buzz about the event. The aim of the creative posts was not only to showcase the potential of Uttar Pradesh as a viable business option, but also to build anticipation for the event, which would host the crème de la crème of the industry, along with Hon’ble UP Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav. These were also to be posted on the day of the event to generate visibility for the event.

Apart from that, the team also engaged in live tweeting from the event, which included but was not limited to tweets about event proceedings, pictures and video. The live tweets helped people who were not able to attend the seminar, but were interested, to keep track of what was going on.

One of the major concerns for the team was the obstruction of networks during the event due the presence of eminent guests, or the members not being allowed to carry their devices into the main venue. However, they were resolved with ease, and the event carried out smoothly.


  • With the smooth and minimalistic operation of the website, it was easy for people to navigate through information without having to waste time.
  • The simple design identified with the standard of the event, and successfully fulfilled the purpose of attracting investors with viable information.
  • Creative posts for the event (posted both before and during) allowed the government to reach as many people as possible to spread awareness about the same.
  • Just like creative posts, live tweeting during the event also allowed the team to capture the essence of the gathering and relay the same to the public.