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Using SaaS and the cloud provides organizations with a fundamentally better model to help them drive change and improve performance—both from a business and IT perspective.

TACT Software as a service (SaaS) solutions help solve business and IT challenges while delivering tangible business results—speed to value, lower total cost of ownership, increased user adoption and greater employee productivity.

This is how we do it

Strategy and Planning
helps analyze the technical, functional and fi nancial information required to determine which applications are candidates for the cloud, including mapping to vendor solutions, and the different approaches your organization can use to retire, migrate, replatform and retain key applications.

Agile Execution
assists in providing a disciplined approach to deliver SaaS solutions consistently, regardless of whether the work is performed on-shore or off-shore, including a method to estimate, scope, plan and deploy resources for initial and subsequent releases and enhancements.

Ongoing Cloud Operations
helps your organization to get the most out of your SaaS solutions, including the structure to maximize the number of releases per year you can achieve, while minimizing costs and amplifying value.

Our SaaS Services will include:

  • SAAS Implementation
  • SAAS Integration
  • CRM as a Service
  • HR & Payroll as a Service
  • Accounting as a Service
  • eCommerce as a Service