By ‘D’ I am not referring to the infamous crime group or the bollywood movie. But yes, this ‘D’ is definitely more powerful than anything else.

Businesses are investing in marketing like never before and this will keep on increasing at an exponential rate. Only the allocation of marketing funds to each channel will vary and the biggest gainer will be (have been) online marketing

So if you are planning to invest in the marketing of your business, wait a second and first improve the online reputation of your business. Because studies say that around 94% B2B buyers research online before buying and that’s a huge percentage you can’t afford to miss.

Secret Sauce

Alright, so now you know that your buyers research online but next question comes what is that secret sauce? that will attract these buyers. The answer is content, the content they consume while researching about the product/service you are offering and this content plays a key role in influencing the decision. Create compelling marketing content and distribute it effectively so it reaches your targeted buyers. But, everyone else is also doing it so standing out in this cluttered digital world requires little more efforts.

Demystifying the ‘D’

What turns us on? Either beauty or intelligence. Right?

So my point is, the same thing happens with your content when people see it they either like the content which has beautiful design or contains data relevant to your search or interest. Your objective must be to inculcate both by creating visually impeccable content with great insights.

Therefore, the design and data together lead the decisions of modern buyers. This is what Digital marketing is and it’s synonymous with the current internet.

The purpose is to justify the ‘D’ as Digital in the DNA of your company.

If you haven’t started digital marketing yet I would recommend you to first draft a digital media strategy and start with something small. Best thing with digital marketing is that you can quantify the returns on your marketing spends. So you know which content is performing and which is not so you keep optimizing it for better engagement.

I have been running a technology services company named ‘TACT’ since last 6 years and about one year ago we started a full-blown digital media vertical inside our company to help businesses go digital. If you need any help in framing out strategy to go digital, please drop me an email on