Well as it may seem to some of you, I got the privilege of being a single child. Born and bought up in a middle class family I was raised single-handedly by my mother in a tier-2 city of India. The entire setup and the environment I grew up in brought several experiences along the way. Not only did I saw and experienced life closely, but also developed the tendency to learn things the hard way. Despite being a working women, my mother somehow always managed to spend time with me. I on the other hand as a child, was also quiet mature to understand the responsibilities she has and utilized the time to the fullest.

My Mother cared for me a lot, but at the same time she also ensured that I do not take that love, care and freedom for granted. I remember being scolded almost every second day and corrected on day to day basis. She never tried to set-up a career path for me like many parents do. She rather chose to watch me taking up things gradually and supported me in whatever way she could. During the time I was setting up my own business after completing the studies she taught me few life changing lessons. I could not list down all of them but here are some which guide me always:

Live life to the fullest

She died fighting with cancer and during her 10 months of fight with this disease she never let any negative feeling dominate her way of life. Even today when I am stuck with a business problem, I just try to remember her. The way she took on such a tough thing with a smiling face gives me the courage to move ahead again.

Learn to let go

She never gave too much of attention to relatives who were not supportive or the colleagues who didn’t acknowledge her abilities. One must always know when to pull back, step down or let things go. Clinging on to something or someone for long without any substantial reason takes you nowhere.

Have faith

Yes, have faith in God or anyone you admire. Faith is what keeps us going through every odd. Have faith in whatever drives you, be it your destiny, your approach or your path. Faith keeps you positive and a positive mindset gives you light even in the darkest of the hours.

Prioritize things

Being from a middle class family you can’t have everything at the same time. This is where you need to learn to prioritize things. My mother fulfilled each and every justifiable demand I made, but she always had her way of prioritizing what is needed and when. Later when I started my business with a bootstrap approach, I also learned to make it survive with whatever little I had got by prioritizing the business needs.

Decisions need clarity of thoughts

This is one thing that has helped me a lot. She never took a decision in hurry or with a cluttered mind. Everytime I am strangled in a complex business scenario, I follow her approach. I just sit down and think with a calm mind to reach a decision with full clarity of what am I going to do.

These little lessons I learned from her have helped me steer through life, sometimes amidst beautiful and sometimes tough terrains. She is the woman behind the man I am.

Thank you for being the guiding force, love you mom.